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AstonFineChem Food Grade RO - Antiscalant (With Phosphate) (NSF)

Code : WT - RD305

Range : For Moderate TDS & Silica (with Phosphate)

Price(Rs) : 255

Product Details

Scaling is caused in membranes because the level of hardness salts in the water becomes highly concentrated as it passes through the RO unit. In smaller units scale formation can be prevented by base exchange softening the make-up water but for larger systems that is very expensive. We have developed a range of easy to handle, cost effective RO Antiscalant which increase the solubility of the hardness salts so they remain in solution rather than forming scale on the membrane. Our cost effective RO antiscalants will inhibit a wide range of foulants including: calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate, strontium sulphate, calcium fluoride, silica and iron.

NSF Certified RO Chemical (NSF/ANSI 60)

We at ASTON FINE CHEM give What You Need, to Ensure Accuracy in Field Testing.



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