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AstonFineChem Evaporator Antiscalant

Code : WT - 8300

Range : To Inhibit Carbonate, Sulphate And Silica Scale

Price(Rs) : 276

Product Details

Evaporator systems in sugar industries tend to accumulate salts. The first two Evaporator bodies have generally a deposition of carbonate and phosphate, while the third and fourth have sulphates and silicates. These deposits are results of the sulphitation and lime processes done in clarification of the juice. Our formulation is a blend of low molecular weight polymers which helps in protecting the quadruple evaporators from scaling & deposits in multiple ways. It is very effective for Carbonate, phosphate, sulphate, silicate deposits and it maintains a consistency in the Brixs of sugar juice in respective evaporator bodies.

It thus helps retarding the scale formation in the evaporator and improves heat transfer by increasing the solubility of dissolved salts reducing evaporator cleaning frequency.

We at ASTON FINE CHEM use best quality materials in manufacturing of these products.



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