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AstonFineChem Online TDS/ Conductivity Meter

Code : AO-TDS-01

Range : 0 to 13.00 PPT , 0 to 20 mS/cm, 0 to 90 Deg C

Category : Online Meters

Price(Rs) : 12300

Product Details

Monitoring of TDS / Conductivity is commonly required in a wide variety of industries ranging from water, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing etc. So our online range of meters helps to monitor the process TDS / Conductivity/Temperature on continuous basis. These reliable, accurate and robust meters are designed with a compact housing which fits in standard industry panel with 1/16 DIN fitting. Also these meters can be easly calibrated and can display multiple parameters at the same time.


Specifications :

Parameter TDS Conductivity Temperature
Model No AO-TDS-01
Range 0 to 13.00 PPT 0 to 20 mS/cm 0 to 90 Deg C
Accuracy ±2% of FS ±2% of FS ±0.2+ 1 Digit
Resolution 1ppm 1μS 0.1 Deg C
Power 9V DC (2 Pin 230VAC Adaper Provided)  
Dimensions 45mm x 45mm x 110mm, Mounting Details: 1/16 DIN Panel Mount (Cut out Size : 45 x 45 mm)(Depth: 110 mm)
Meter Weight 75g
Sensor* (By Defualt) Parameter: TDS/Conductivity, Model: Conductivity Industrial Electrode, Code: AME-CN-IGT, Qty: 1.
  Specs:- Process Connection: 3/4", Temp I/P: 30K Thermister, Material: Glass Sensor with PVC Housing. Dimensions: 28 x 165 mm, Lenght: 5M, Temperature Range: Upto 90 DegC
  Note: Sensor model depends on system requirements. Confrim for suitable sensor model with sales person before ordering.
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