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AstonFineChem Free Chlorine (Iodometric) Test Kit - Low Level

Code : AE 246L

Range : 1-20 mg/l as chlorine

Category : Water Test Kits

Price(Rs) : 1570

Product Details

Chlorine is the most widely used oxidizing biocide today for disinfection of domestic water supplies as also for the removal of tastes and odours from water. The amount of chlorine required to be added in a water system is determined by chlorine demand, contact time, ph and temperature of the water. Chlorine residual in drinking water indicates that disinfection has been achieved by chlorine and bacteria / viruses that cause diarrheal disease have been eliminated. Also the water is protected from recontamination during storage. Our AQUASOL chlorine test is available Iodometric method and this kit gives very reliable results. Even a shop floor worker will be able to get desired results with our test kit.

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