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AstonFineChem Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

Code : AE 407

Range : 40 to 400 mg/l as COD

Category : Water Test Kits

Price(Rs) : 5435

Product Details

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is defined as the amount of a specific oxidant that reacts with the sample under controlled conditions. The quantities of oxidant consumed is expressed in terms of its oxygen equivalence.

Because of Dichromate ions specific oxidant properties, (CrO72-) unique chemical properties it gets reduced to the chromic ion (Cr3+) in COD test.

COD is a defined test, the extent of sample oxidation can be affected by digestion time, reagent strength & sample COD concentration.

COD is often used on a measurement of pollutants in waste water & natural water.

To determine COD two methods are useful, the open reflux method is suitable for a wide range of waste water & large sample size is preferred. Another is the closed reflux method is suitable for smaller quantities. It requires homogenisation of sample. Accurate measurement of sample values as well as reagent volumes and concentration are critical.




Most type of organic matter are oxidised by a boiling mixture of Chromic & Sulphuric acid. A sample is heated in strongly acid solution with known excess of potassium dichromate.

After digestion, the remaining unreduced dichromate is titrated with Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate to determine the amount of dichromate consumed and the oxidized matter is calculated in terms of oxygen equivalent.


Closed result method is used for AQUASOL COD test kit. This kit is applicable to COD values between 40 to 400 mg/l. Obtained high values by dilution.


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