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AstonFineChem Online Cleaner (B)

Code : WT – 1153B

Range : Closed System Chemical De-Scalant & Polymeric Dispersant (Should be used in combination)

Price(Rs) : 200

Product Details

Our cleaning system has been specially developed to effectively remove deposit, sludge / foulants from the system. It is a blend of specific chelating agents designed for removal of Iron, Calcium and Magnesium based deposits from cooling water systems where it is not practical to remove the tower packing. It is found to be most effective in cleaning, where deposition or   oil   contamination   is   suspected of reducing   heat   transfer   or restricting flow available. Deposits are softened and solubilized as our cleaner penetrates the deposits and enhances the action of cooling water dispersants to slough off remaining deposits which are later removed during a blow down or draining.

We at ASTON FINE CHEM use best quality materials in manufacturing of these products.



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