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AstonFineChem AFC -350 BG-Biogas Fermentation Bacteria

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AFC -350 BG-Biogas Fermentation Bacteria

▪ This product is a compound microorganism bacterium agent containing cellulolytic bacteria, half-cellulolytic bacteria, amylolytic bacteria decomposing bacteria, protein decomposing bacteria, acid-producing bacteria, and methanogenic bacteria. It can accelerate decomposing of the organic materials, promote biogas growth, and increase gasification slag and biogas production, which has no toxic effect to live stock and people.

▪ Advantages

 Maintain the stability of the biogas fermentation environment, improving gas production rate.

 With a high fermentation speed, it reduces hetero gas generation.

 It has a demonstrable effect to the start of the new digesters and therecovery of biogas digesters after refueling,to achievea quick start.

ASTON FINE CHEM Employee Skills and Experience Ensure best quality of this product.


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