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AstonFineChem ASTON 2707 P

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▪ ASTON 2707 P is a range of compound which react with ODOUR molecules. ASTON 2707 P includes specific catching agents for hydrogen sulphide (H2S), amine and mercaptan (RSH) removal. ASTON 2707 P trap hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan molecules.

▪ This range of products is particularly well adapted for high H2S levels, in a confined at mosphere (covered sewage plants, dehydrating room and sludge disposal). A maximum of 5 ppm H2S in air is allowed for an operator working 8 hours per day and only 10 ppm H2S is the maximum limit for someone staying 15 minutes in such an atmosphere. Where the H2S level is higher than this limit we recommend the use of ASTON 2707P to react with hydro gen sulphide.

▪ Not only does ASTON 2707 P make the environment smell better, the product is completely biodegradable and safe for the planet.

▪ Our Odour Control chemicals are designed to be the best ODOUR solution in existence. They go beyond just masking foul ODOURs. They actually deactivate the chemical make up of the ODOUR,neutralizing the smell.


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