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AstonFineChem Yeast & Fungi Test Kit + TBC

Code : BS 101

Range : Density of Yeast & Fungi

Price(Rs) : 1375

Product Details

Yeasts are unicellular fungi which are used to make bread and other wheat-based products, such as dough and dumplings. Also they are useful in production of alcoholic beverages through fermentation. Almost all species of yeasts & fungi grow on BACTASLYDE & there growth may consist either purely of yeasts or purely of fungi or may be mixed.

Fungi are aerobic & commonly occur in nature, especially in places which are damp, where organic matter and oxygen are present. They produce vast numbers of spores & grow continuously without regards to size and shape. Several fungi are domesticated species that are bred or selected according to their capacity to ferment food without producing harmful toxins.


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