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AstonFineChem Nano Silver & Hydrogen Peroxide Based Disinfectent

Code : WT -B710

Range : Disinfectent

Price(Rs) : 238

Product Details

Generally, a swimming pool uses chlorine for disinfection, but it has lots of disadvantages as it chemically changes and becomes chloramine. Thisis the reason that chlorine pools often have a distinctive smell, cause skin/eye irritation, create a unpleasant odour. Our new Nano Silver based disinfectant has ability to kill the entire bacteria in swimming pool’s water and to create a self-antiseptic mechanism in the pool despite introductionofnewbacteria.AregulardosageofourformulationnotonlyhelpstodisinfectthepoolbutalsosavewaterandReducethefrequency of water change. It is absolutely safe for human health, environment friendly and does not create any unpleasant odour.

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