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AstonFineChem Quaternary Ammonium Based (DDAC)

Code : WT - B1100

Range : Quaternary Ammonium Based (DDAC)

Price(Rs) : 290

Product Details

The control of microbiological activity is an important, often safety critical activity in many commercial, manufacturing and industrial process applications. Our biocides are effective in controlling bacterial slime and fungal growth in industrial recirculating cooling water systems, air washer systems and evaporate condensers. We have a range of both oxidizing and nonoxidizing biocides, which have a broad spectrum efficacy and are effective over a wide range of pH.



  • Coagulation of Proteins,
  • Inactivation of Enzymes
  • Disruption of Cellular Lipids
  • Damage to Genetic Apparatus
  • Destruction of Ribonucleic Acid.
  • Damage to Cell Wall


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