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AstonFineChem Ozone Test Kit ( AE-OZ3H )

Code : AE-OZ3H

Range : 0.25 – 5.00 PPM as 03

Category : Water Test Kits

Price(Rs) : 955

Product Details

Ozone Test Kit

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent and is used as a biocide in the disinfection of water. It is also used in various sterilization processes in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Ozone is very effective in removing bad odours and flavours because it breaks down into oxygen which improves taste and other qualities of water. The amount of Ozone required in a water system is determined by Ozone demand & contact time of the water. Our AQUASOL ozone test is available as DPD method and the kit gives very reliable results. The end point is very sharp and easily discernable by the user and even a shop floor worker will be able to get desired results with our test kit.


Product Range 

Code Range No of test
AE-OZ3H 0.25 – 5.00 PPM as 03 100

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