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AstonFineChem Algae Test Kit Refill Pack

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Algae Test Kit Refill Pack (5 Test Media Pack)

Algae the plant like microorganisms are prolific invaders of the open exposed parts of cooling systems such as the tower & the pond areas. They will grow rapidly if conditions are right and only require light; CO2 & water to synthesize their growth. Algae are often visible as green, felt-like mats in internal sections of cooling towers that are wet and accessible to sunlight.
Algal growth is extremely unsightly and will reduce the efficiency of the cooling tower as a heat exchanger. Loosened deposits will block & foul pipe work & other heat exchange surfaces. The dead cells contribute to the formation of the complex organic material “Humus” which supports the growth of other microorganisms particularly the anaerobic types.

Filamentous and capsulated colonial algae coat splash packing thus interfering with the formation of droplets, which aid intimate contact of water and air. Algal growth prevents rainwater from wetting film packing and forming thin films which are Algae also secrete a mucilaginous sheath much like the slime layer in bacteria. The mucilage of the blue-green algae, in particular is associated with a peculiar form of movement called gliding that is exhibited when the organism is in contact with a firm surface. These sticky secretions may contribute significantly to complications in cooling systems such as clogged screens and fouled heat exchangers.

Many algae produce within their cells malodorous oils and poisonous cyclic alcohols these are released when the organisms die, and may cause foul odours.


How to Use Algrosee

Just cut open media pouch and empty contents into the tube provided. Now add water sample to be tested up to red arrow mark. Place the tube on the Energy source. Observe the colour of the tube every day, for 4 days.

The medium used in AlgroSee has been specially formulated for the growth of a wide variety of Algae species viz, green, bluegreen, brown, red etc.

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