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AstonFineChem Aquaculture Salt Water pH Test Kit

Code : AE 326

Range : 7.4 - 9.0

Price(Rs) : 875

Product Details

pH Salt water

   pH is the measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in water. It denotes if the water is acidic (<7) or alkaline (>7). When pH is 7, it is said to be neutral. Natural water range between pH 5.0 and pH 10.0 while sea water is near pH 8.3.

      pH is an essential factor which affects the growth of any living species. Hence it is always advisable to monitor pH regularly, to ensure the well-being of all living species.

          Most marine animals are different from fresh water species, in the sense that they require a smaller pH range to thrive, viz. 7.5 – 8.5. This is due to the fact that at lower pH, marine species are not able to maintain the salt balance and not only does the animal cease to reproduce but also die.

    The range of our pH test kit is 7.4 – 9.0.

Our kit is based on Color Comparison. It consists of a single reagent HRP1 & a Comparator tube, along with a color comparator. It is extremely easy to use and can be used by anybody, at any place.

All the products at ASTON FINE CHEM are tested on variety of parameters to ensure international standard of quality.



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