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AstonFineChem Aquaculture Salt Water Test Kit

Code : AE 108S

Range : pH, Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite

Price(Rs) : 3850

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Aquaculture Salt Water Test Kit


Ammonia is one of the many forms of Nitrogen existing in environment. While other Nitrogen forms (other than Ammonia) can affect aquatic life indirectly, Ammonia is directly toxic to aquatic life.

    Ammonia enters the aquatic surrounding through municipal effluent discharge, thru’ nitrogen waste from mammals or also thru’ natural means like nitrogen fixation or agriculture runoff water.

High levels of Ammonia lead to a toxic buildup in internal tissue and blood in marine species leading to potential death.

pH and temperature can affect the Ammonia toxicity to aquatic life.

OurAQUASOL Ammonia test kits are available for Salt water.

The ranges are from 0.05 to 8.0 ppm

Both the above kits are based on color comparison. They consist of a reagent NH1 bottle and a comparator tube, along with a colorcomparator. They are extremely easy to use and can be used by anybody, at any place.



Nitrites are salts of nitrous acid which occur naturally or artificially in ground water. They are released in water from Fertilizer runoff water, sewage and mineral deposits.High levels of Nitrite are toxic to mammals and other lower forms like marine species. They disturb the oxygen delivering ability ofhemoglobin in the bloodstream.

Also, large blooms of Algae can grow due to high Nitrite level leading to hypoxia. Hypoxia dead  zones created are deadly to almost all marine species.

Therefore, regularly monitoring of Nitrite levels is very essential and needs to be done judiciously in both marine and fresh water.     

Our AQUASOL Nitrite Kit elaborates a range of 0 – 5.0ppm. This is based on color comparison and the colors on the comparator are clearly discernable, making the kit very easy to use. This kit is available for Salt Water.


pH Salt water

   pH is the measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in water. It denotes if the water is acidic (<7) or alkaline (>7). When pH is 7, it is said to be neutral. Natural water range between pH 5.0 and pH 10.0 while sea water is near pH 8.3.

      pH is an essential factor which affects the growth of any living species. Hence it is always advisable to monitor pH regularly, to ensure the well-being of all living species.

          Most marine animals are different from fresh water species, in the sense that they require a smaller pH range to thrive, viz. 7.5 – 8.5. This is due to the fact that at lower pH, marine species are not able to maintain the salt balance and not only does the animal cease to reproduce but also die.

    The range of our pH test kit is 7.4 – 9.0.

Our kit is based on Color Comparison. It consists of a single reagent HRP1 & a Comparator tube, along with a color comparator. It is extremely easy to use and can be used by anybody, at any place.



Nitrates are found in nature and many of our food material. Generally, the level of Nitrates is quite low in ground water. In aquatic environments Nitrates may seep in thru’ fertilizer runoff from cultivated lands, municipal, industrial and also private sewage disposal systems and waste water, refuse dumps and decaying plant debris. High Nitrate levels in Drinking water pose a great health risk to Infants, causing Methemoglobinemia, “Blue Baby Syndrome”

The presence of Nitrates in the Aquatic environment does not pose such a problem as Ammonia or Nitrites.  Nitrate concentrations of 50 ppm or so are quite safe for fish. But if the levels reach 80 ppm then the problem begins, as this high concentration can be toxic.

Another problem with Nitrates is that Algal blooms happen and these are highly detrimental to the aquatic species. Bacterial and Fungai infections prevail in these conditions and cause the Fish to lose immunity, along with their capacity to reproduce, thus retarding growth.

AQUASOL Nitrate test kit ranges from 0 to 160 ppm.  This is based on color comparison and the colors on the comparator are clearly discernable. This is available for  Salt water.



Parameter Range
pH 7.4 - 9.0
Ammonia 0.25,0.5,1.0,2.0,4.0,8.0 ppm as Ammonia

5,10,20,40,80,160 ppm as NO3

Nitrite 0.25,0.5,1.0,2.0,5.0 ppm as NO2
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