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AstonFineChem pH Paper - pH 5.0-7.5

Code : AIPPH06

Range : pH 5.0-7.5

Category : Indicator Paper

Price(Rs) : 275

Product Details

Indicator Paper Testing have been developed with a mixture of several indicators, which on contact with the sample solution assume a particular color. A check against the color comparision table supplied allows the parameter to be determined. AQUASOL range offers a range of pH indicator and other test papers to meet your specific testing needs. Our AQUASOL Indicator Paper combine ease-of-use with accuracy, consistency and unmatched quality.The convenience of using AQUASOL Indicator Paper for the rapid determination of pH and other parameters has many applications in laboratories and industry.

Features and Benefits

• Instant readings

• Economical in Kangaroo Pack

• Accurate for a wide range of testing

• Convenient and portable


Product Range:

Product Code Product Description Each Pack Contains
AIPPH06 INDICATOR PAPER NARROW RANGE-pH 5.0-7.5 10 Booklet of 20 Strips
Our product Quality at ASTON FINE CHEM is never an accident, It is a habit.

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