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AstonFineChem Salmonella Test Kit

Code : BS-PP2

Range : Salmonella Test Kit

Price(Rs) : 1525

Product Details

Salmonella bacteria are zoonotic and can be transferred between humans and other animals. These are intestinal pathogens and are cause for many diseases viz. typhoid, paratyphoid, food poisoning etc. Classic typhoid fever is a serious and life-threatening infection which has a mortality approaching 20%. Cases of enteric fever almost always occur from the ingestion of contaminated food or water. These bacteria can survive for some time without a host for weeks outside a living body and they are not destroyed by freezing. They are frequently found in polluted water, contamination from the excrement of carrier animals being particularly important. This organism enters through the digestive tract due to ingestion of contaminated food. The “food infection” is generally thru’ eating or handling contaminated raw or not properly cooked meat of cattle, swine, poultry, fish etc. FDA has laid down mandatory testing norms to control risk of salmonella contamination in foodstuff like spices, fish and eggs etc. BACTASLYDE is supplied in boxes of 5 along with the complete instructions set for a complete quantitative analysis of the contamination.

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