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AstonFineChem Cooling Tower Polymeric Dispersant

Code : WT - A100

Range : Organic Anti-Foulant

Price(Rs) : 175

Product Details

The accumulation of microbiological slimes, biofilm and general bio-fouling in cooling water systems reduces system efficiency, increases operating and maintenance costs, and raises risks to safety and health. Our polymeric dispersent is a synthetic organic anti-foulant which inhibits the deposition of fouling materials on the heat transfer surfaces. It eliminates fouling caused by dead microbiological growth, phosphates, silicates, metallic oxides silt and other air-borne materials. Thus it keeps surfaces clean, maintains a high rate of heat transfer and aids the formation of corrosion inhibitor film.

All the products at ASTON FINE CHEM are tested on variety of parameters to ensure international standard of quality.



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