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AstonFineChem Vibrio Test Kit

Code : BS-PP4

Range : Density of Vibrio

Price(Rs) : 1525

Product Details

Vibrio cholera is the causative agent of cholera that occurs naturally in water & transmitted primarily through faeces and sewage polluted drinking water and food. Earlier cholera was found in practically all major cities of the world especially in places with ineffective sanitation and where not much is done to prevent pollution of food and water. However after consistent vigilance by both National and International health authorities all over the world and with sanitary engineering of sewage disposal and water supplies, the scourge of mankind has been brought under much control. But it is still found in fish and shellfish, produce, or leftover cooked grains. Marine and estuarine fishes are the most susceptible medium & it is usually most severe in marine culture & fish farms. BACTASLYDE is supplied in boxes of 5 along with the complete instructions set for a complete quantitative analysis of the contamination.

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