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AstonFineChem pH Test Kit

Code : AE 306

Range : pH 4 to 10

Category : Water Test Kits

Price(Rs) : 830

Product Details

PH is the standard measure of how acidic or alkaline a solution is. It is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in solution. pH is important because chemical processes take place when water has a certain ph. A pH indicator, giving different colors at different pH is a simple and reliable method to read pH for routine monitoring. Our AQUASOL pH test kit comprises of a universal indicator and a scientifically designed Colour Comparator. The economical Comparator based design not only discern colours easily but also helps to achieve results quickly. This pH Test Kit (AE-306) is a cost effective and convinent method for periodic monitoring pH in water.. The end point is very sharp and easily discernable by the user. Even a shop floor worker will be able to get desired results with our test kit.

ASTON FINE CHEM Employee Skills and Experience Ensure best quality of this product.



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