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AstonFineChem Iron Oxidizing Bacteria Test Kit

Code : BS-PP1

Range : Density of Iron Oxidizing Bacteria

Price(Rs) : 1800

Product Details

Iron oxidizing bacteria occur worldwide in fresh water, sea and brackish waters. They derive the energy they need to live and multiply by oxidizing dissolved ferrous iron or manganese. Generally, most species oxidize ferrous or manganese oxides in there extracellular structures like sheaths or stalks, rather than inside their own cells. The resulting oxide is insoluble, and appears as yellow, brown slime especially in iron bearing waters, adhering to stones or water plants or even soil. Problems occur when bacteria build up in well systems & reduce well yields by clogging screens and pipes. They comprise of the various species like Sphaerotillus, Leptothrix, Crenothrix, Gallionella & Siderocapsa. Our BACTASLYDE Test Kit is supplied in boxes of 5 along with the complete instructions set for a complete quantitative analysis of the contamination.

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