A yacht is traveling 35° west of south at 15 miles/hour in still water. Find the component form of vector r, which represents the yacht's motion. -8.6 15 -16.72 215 235 -12.29 35

Accepted Solution

Answer:<-8.60, -12.29>Step-by-step explanation:Pictuas shown in the attached image to represent the direction 35 west of south of  the vector velocity and understand which trig function to use for its components. See the actual vector velocity as the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle.The vertical component would be pointing down, and its magnitude would result from the use of the cosine of the angle (since it involves the adjacent side to the angle):15 * cos (35) = 12.29the horizontal component is pointing left, and its magnitude would be the result of the use of the sine of the angle (it involves the opposite side to the angle):15 * (sin*35) = 8.60.Using the fact that the components are pointing down and pointing left, we need to include a negative sign to both.Therefore the component form of the vector is: <-8.60, -12.29>