The measure of angle θ is 3pi/2 . The measure of its reference angle is /, and tan θ is .

Accepted Solution

Answer: Reference angle: [tex]\frac{\pi}{2}[/tex] [tex]tan(\theta)=tan(\frac{3\pi}{2})[/tex] is not defined.Step-by-step explanation: The angle [tex]\theta[/tex] goes from the positive x-axis to the negative y-axis. Therefore the reference angle can be calculated as following: [tex]\frac{3\pi}{2}-\pi=\frac{\pi}{2}[/tex]  We know that [tex]tan(\theta)[/tex]is: [tex]tan(\theta)=\frac{sin(\theta)}{cos(\theta)}[/tex] If [tex]\theta=\frac{3\pi}{2}[/tex] then [tex]cos(\frac{3\pi}{2})=0[/tex], therefore [tex]tan(\frac{3\pi}{2})[/tex] is not defined, because the division by 0 is not defined.