Write and graph a system of inequalities that models the situation. Miranda just got an after school job at a kiosk. She's planning out how much time she needsfor her job, and how much time she needs for school. She wants to work at least 10 hours aweek at the kiosk, and at least 12 hours a week on homework/studying. After deducting time inschool, Miranda has about 36 hours of free-time a week (including weekends). What is thefeasible region for her schedule?

Accepted Solution

Answer:see the explanationStep-by-step explanation:Letx ------> the number of hours needed for the work at the kiosky ------> the number of hours needed for the work on homework/studyingwe know that[tex]x+y\leq 36[/tex] ---> equation A[tex]x\geq 10[/tex] ----> inequality B[tex]y\geq 12[/tex] ----> inequality Cusing a graphing toolThe feasible region for her schedule is the triangular shaded areasee the attached figure